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Qualification & Experiences

● You have experience teaching Accounting and have a strong understanding of this
● You are fluent in English.
● You love children and enjoy helping them explore their ideas about the world.
● You have excellent interpersonal skills.
● You think creatively to identify solutions to problems.
● You are extremely driven and flexible with your working hours.
● You are a highly reflective practitioner.
● You embody the very type of leader the Academy aspires to create—you are an agent of
positive change, and live up to our values of Integrity, Reflection, Empathy, Excellence,
Interdependence, Fortitude, and Optimism.
● You believe wholeheartedly in the mission and vision of Avasara Academy.
● M.A./M.Ed., CA, CS, CMA, MCom degree or equivalent preferred.
● English language fluency is required.
● Experience with a range of teaching practices.
● Experience teaching in a student-centered classroom environment.
● Experience with Cambridge A-Levels.
● Experience of participating in teams composed of individuals from diverse ethnic,
cultural, and national backgrounds.
● Experience with exceptional independent or international school programs preferred.
● Experience using data to drive instruction.
● Experience with standards-based instruction and grading preferred.


● Develop a rigorous, engaging and relevant curriculum for Accounting at Avasara, based
on the AS and A level examinations by Cambridge International Education.
● Document curricula, lesson plans and assessments accurately and clearly.
● Contribute to setting departmental goals and enhancing coordination across the
● Create and maintain a safe and positive learning environment for all students.
● Model excellent instruction.
● Maintain a focus on high student achievement.
● Monitor student progress to ensure students’ learning and understanding.
● Communicate with students, teachers and parents about students’ progress.
● Contribute to a healthy school culture that supports students' academic, co-curricular,
cultural and socio/emotional needs.
● Collaborate with and support colleagues within your department and across the school.
● Promote a vibrant extracurricular environment.
● Serve as an Advisor in our advisory program.
● Ensure that disciplinary guidelines are fairly and consistently applied.
● Provide for transparent, constructive and ongoing evaluation of self and peers.
● Contribute to school-wide goals and objectives.
● Serve and lead committees as required.
● Engage with and value all staff members, students, families, visitors and supporters.

Accounting Teacher

Avasara - The Circle Partner School


This is an instructional role for a dedicated teaching professional whose main teaching
assignment will be AS-Level and A-Level Accounting. We are currently exploring both part-time and full-time teaching options.

If you think you fit the bill and would like to join us, please click on 'Apply Now' and send us a mail with the position you're applying for and attach you CV along with it.

Be a part of our team.

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