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Qualification & Experiences

● Previous experience of having designed/led/run a high quality and equitable school or learning program or education program for children
● Strong desire to coach potential School Leaders / After-School Founders to design high quality and innovative schools & after school programs.
● Access to connections in school design and school leadership networks.
● Willingness to travel extensively to across the country to work with entrepreneurs on the ground.
● Belief in the 4 commitments of The Circle.
8-10 years of experience


● As The Circle’ Incubation Coach you will
Coach The Circle EIR’s as they engage in The Circle Incubation’s design-launch-run modules, that are spread across 17 months.
● Provide 3 hours of coaching, per month, spread across 3 weeks for Entrepreneurs in Year 1
Review EIR plans, milestones, and deliverables, and provide feedback.
● Visit EIR’s on-ground to understand context, problem solve, and accelerate quarter and annual goals.
● Connect EIR’s to networks, people and organizations who can support them as they design, run & launch their schools and after-schools.
● Lead coaching strategy and design coaching frameworks and rubrics
Develop and nurture a small network of co-coaches that will provide coaching to Entrepreneurs in Year 2.
● Share learnings and insights regularly with the Program team to help integrate learnings into programming.
● Ensure that EIR’s stay rooted in the four commitments of The Circle.

Coach, Incubation


Drive impact towards The Circle's mission by working directly with Entrepreneurs. You'll be an important guiding force in our entrepreneurs' journeys by delivering executive coaching. One of the most important touch points for an EIR during the Incubation journey is the executive coaching. As a coach, you'll play a pivotal role in offering highly personalized and differentiated support to the Entrepreneurs. You'll work closely with EIR's to help them set and accomplish goals. This role is apt for someone who brings expertise in designing and leading a high quality learning environment for children.

About the Incubation :
The Circle Incubation is a one of a kind incubation program for entrepreneurs from across India, who are building innovative schools and after-school programs for children coming from low income households. Our Entrepreneurs-in-Residence (EIR’s) go on an 18-month long, intensive journey to design, launch and run their schools and after-school programs.
The EIR’s experience and engage with touchpoints through the Incubation, such as in-person design workshops, innovative school and after school visits, coaching, on-ground hypothesis testing, mentorship, pitching, networking, masterclasses, leadership development and peer circles.
The Circle Incubation hopes to incubate 50 reinvented schools and after-schools over the next 5 years that become part of The Circle Network and deliver high-quality, innovative and equitable learning to children.

If you think you fit the bill and would like to join us, please click on 'Apply Now' and send us a mail with the position you're applying for and attach you CV along with it.

Be a part of our team.

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