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Qualification & Experiences

Desired experience and qualifications:
● M.A./M.Ed degree.
● You have experience teaching the Social Sciences.

● You have experience leading or managing student leadership initiatives or projects
within your school or the surrounding community.
● Interest in empowering students with leadership skills, and curiosity about curriculum
● Fluency in English. Proficiency in Hindi and/or Marathi (or a willingness to learn) is a
● At least five years of teaching experience.
● Experience with instructional coaching.
● Experience with instructional leadership.
● Experience using data to drive instructional practices and curriculum
● Experience with exceptional independent or international school programs.


Heads of Department at Avasara Academy uphold the highest professional standards, exemplify reflective practice, contribute to the overall development at Avasara through work on the Instructional Team, and lead the following in their departments: Strategy, Instructional Planning and Delivery, Teacher supervision, support and development, Personnel and Resources.

Head of Department, Humanities and Social Sciences

Avasara - The Circle Partner School


Avasara Academy is a nonprofit institution located in Lavale Valley, just outside Pune, India. We are an all-girls school with a mission to empower girls of promise to lead lives of distinction and impact. Avasara Academy currently enrolls 375 students in standards 6-12 and will eventually have an enrollment of 500.

Students are selected to attend the Academy based on merit alone. Students engage in our specialized curriculum that combines the academic excellence of the Cambridge curriculum with a focus on leadership, entrepreneurship, and Indian studies. Students participate in hands-on leadership and real-world experiences culminating in either an entrepreneurial business or social initiative that serves as a platform for their leadership development. Avasara will continue to nurture these leaders throughout their lives by connecting them to powerful networks of people and capital that can facilitate large-scale change. Avasara Academy, therefore, is not just a school but a life-long network that will cultivate innovative, entrepreneurial leaders.

Head of the Humanities and Social Sciences Department

The Humanities and Social Sciences department includes the teaching of five different subjects:
Global Perspectives
Business Studies

The curriculum for History is designed internally while the rest are Cambridge Curriculum subjects.

If you think you fit the bill and would like to join us, please click on 'Apply Now' and send us a mail with the position you're applying for and attach you CV along with it.

Be a part of our team.

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