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Jeetesh Gulani

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Meet Jeetesh, a visionary soul who hails from the city of Faridabad. Having completed his undergraduate studies in Aerospace Engineering at IIT Kharagpur, Jeetesh's passion for knowledge knows no bounds.

Over the past seven years, he has immersed himself in the world of education, playing a pivotal role in curriculum development, teaching, and teacher training. Collaborating with esteemed edtech platforms like TIME and Cuemath, he has inspired countless young minds to embrace learning with enthusiasm.

Presently, Jeetesh is on a mission to revolutionize education. He is dedicatedly designing and prototyping a groundbreaking curriculum, one that not only imparts knowledge but also connects it to real-life contexts and diverse problem-solving challenges.

Beyond this endeavor, Jeetesh is working tirelessly to establish a STEM-oriented school in Bengaluru. Driven by the belief in inclusive education, his vision is to create a high-quality institution that unites students from different economic backgrounds, fostering an environment where they learn from each other.

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