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Kriti Sood


Kriti Sood is a Curator and Art Educator who has worked as an art advisor for WIPRO, India, senior Curator for Devi Art Foundation (New Delhi), programming Head for the Speakers' Forum at India Art Fair and worked at Rashtrapati Bhavan . She has mentored exhibitions and education programs at Ashoka University, St Stephens College, Shri Aurobindo Centre of Arts and Communication and Jindal Global Law School. Along with this she has curated art educational programs at the Kochi-Muziris Biennale (2018-2019), etc. She has been working as a visual arts curriculum expert for Nalandaway Foundation.
What she will build: World today needs to approach education in a way that can develop the capacity to create value, underpinned by indomitable hope and the spirit of learning where each child’s unique potential shines by treasuring each learner and educator. Creativity has acquired a super status – every industry and every aspect of life demands creative people; the history of human beings is the story of creativity. In this context, I dream to build a multidisciplinary arts-based learning centre for learners to discover, open up and liberate creative practices and approaches. The programme will feature a variety of themes which allow it to address artistic and social issues that coincide with the school curriculum while focussing on building community and making it inclusive and accessible for all to provide holistic education that leaves no learner behind. I dream for this space to become a centre of innovators who are global citizens and critical thinkers with expansive world views prepared to provide leadership in a rapidly changing world.

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