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Safdar Rahman


Safdar Rahman’s first feature film, CHIPPA, released globally in June 2020 as a Netflix exclusive to rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. It climbed to the ‘number one film’ on the network’s charts inside one week of its release. His career started, in a way, in 2012 when he found himself leading a classroom of 7 year olds as a part of the Teach for India program. In 2014, he directed a theatre piece called Haroun ki Dilchasp Kahani with a cast of 30 4th graders which premiered at Mavlankar Auditorium in New Delhi. He also served as an Executive Producer on Ronny Sen's Cat Sticks, and assisted maverick Indian filmmaker Qaushiq Mukherjee. His second feature film, ready Steady - made with a group of high-school film is currently in post-production and due to release in early 2023.
What he will build: Envisaged as a learning-by-creating space of dreams for teenagers, Lighthouse aims to be an immersive, residency-styled storytelling media laboratory where the most outstandingly creative teenagers from across the country are selected to come together and co-run a media channel. They will receive mentorship and support in the pursuit to create the most engaging, authentic and urgent stories of our times for audiences across the world.

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