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Safdar Rahman


Safdar Rahman is a film-maker and educator trying to find the magic spot between the two. Safdar’s first feature film, CHIPPA, released globally in June 2020 as a Netflix exclusive to rave reviews from critics and audiences alike. It climbed to the ‘number one film’ on the network’s charts inside one week of its release. His latest feature film Ready Steady is a high-school drama that has been co-created with a group of teenagers. Before making films, Safdar started his career as a class teacher in a 2nd grade classroom as a part of the Teach for India fellowship back in 2012.

What he will build: At Lighthouse, we strongly believe that the future of learning lies in Audio-Visual storytelling. Built as a space to enable India's next generation of storytellers, Lighthouse is a film company that imagines itself as a high school. Headquartered in Goa, Lighthouse works with high-potential teenage storytellers to support them in producing films that are engaging, authentic and important.

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