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Sai Devi

Bengaluru, Karnataka

Sai designs experiential learning programs for children and primarily uses nature as a medium for children to explore their surroundings to learn their academics and bond with nature. She has designed and hosted 100+ experiential programs for children both online and offline. Education is a life saver from poverty and inequality but when children are given the opportunity to love learning, that is giving them a chance to uplift themselves. She believes that all children should have access to a safe environment where they could explore their interests and learn by doing. This drives her to develop experiential learning programs that are accessible to all children with no disparities in their income levels.
What she will build: Establishing Thicket Tales as a nature based learning centre that has a project lead curriculum where children are given an opportunity to explore their interests, skills, academics and are able to express them freely. Our learning centre gives opportunities for children to do things from scratch like building models, indulging in art or writing, researching in various fields ranging from science, psychology, mathematics and social studies. We will incorporate nature design into our programs and construction of the centre because it encourages holistic development and brain engagement for children through diversity, sensory impulses and connecting thought patterns.

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