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Akash Yadav

Kanpur Dehaat, Uttar Pradesh

Akash has 8+ years of experience working in consulting, foundations and nonprofit domains. Currently he is working with Boston Consulting Group on NITI Aayog’s SATH- E project. The project intends to enable a system-wide transformation in Odisha’s school education by improving access, equity & quality. He was instrumental in building key monitoring tools and setting up robust governance structures for more than 60000 schools in the state.
Before BCG, he worked with Central Square Foundation(CSF) in the private schools division. At CSF he conceptualized and piloted a potential business solution to bring in transparency in the budget private school market of India. Akash started his journey in education as a Teach for India fellow where he taught in a government school in Delhi. He is passionate about creating large scale impact in education through entrepreneurship and policy where one becomes the enabler for the other.
What he will build: I dream to build a chain of affordable experiential private schools in tier 3 towns of Uttar Pradesh. These schools will follow an experiential project-based pedagogy that will nurture competence and character in students, enabling them to be 21st century leaders. Community of these schools will bridge the inequity divide of access to quality education between select metropolitans and tier 3 town students in the state.
A minimum viable school model would be created and tested with the target demography. The model would be iterated and contextualised as per student and community need and eventually launched as the first experiential school of rural Uttar Pradesh.

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