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We are staring into a consequential moment in time. India has the world’s fastest-growing young population. We also house the world’s largest proportion of impoverished citizens.

The Problem

India is mired in a state of perpetual poverty.

The implications of poverty go beyond economics and impact India’s social fabric, creating profound discord.

We have the world’s fastest growing young population. If the young people can achieve their potential, it’s a tremendous opportunity for India to leap ahead. If they don’t, it’s a massive setback.

For them to achieve their potential, all of India’s youth must have access to an excellent education.

But our educational system is failing a generation of young people. It’s not reaching everyone. And it’s not teaching the right skills.

Will India grow into a flourishing country undergirded by the sacred values enshrined in our constitution? Will this rising generation inherit an order that is free of poverty and filled with love? Or, will we confront a fate that is beleaguered by depressed potential and missed opportunities? Will division, polarization, and discord continue to dominate our headlines? We believe we have an urgent and pressing choice, albeit one that is within our control. The wisdom to make that choice, however, must begin by confronting and acknowledging the problem at hand.

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