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Anjan Prakash


Be it in her ex-career as a Film Producer in Advertising making TV commercials for sixteen years, starting with Ogilvy Advertising and then as the co-founder of Brown Skins, a production house in Mumbai or graduating as a Biomimicry Professional from Arizona State University and Biomimicry Institute (first woman in Asia to be a Certified Biomimicry Professional), each of Anjan’s explorations have always been to deep dive into human nature and the natural world, discovering the wisdom present at this intersection.
What she will build: Imagine a mobile Gap Year Program where young adults between 15 – 19 years take a year off to immerse in a hands-on experiential program giving them opportunities to tap into their own inner potential, and deep dive into several relevant knowledges and topics through scientific, creative and sustainable and regenerative lens, AND work on Live Social projects in India. Now imagine receiving this through incredible experts in the field of Biomimicry, Conscious Leadership, Regenerative Multidisciplinary Designers, Indigenous Knowledge Givers, Communication and Storytelling Imagineers, and Mind-Body wellness Creators, who bring this through nature-based practices, enquiry, and mentorship to expand individually and collectively.

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