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Mohammad Shoeb Sayyad

Pune, Maharashtra

A chemical engineer turned into an educator and then social entrepreneur with 7+ years of experience working in high-need communities in shifting educational outcomes by building agencies within the schools & communities. Interested and working on increasing matriculation rates, delivering high-quality learning for children, and providing holistic development opportunities to children by driving learning equity in high-need communities.
Building demand for high-quality education through community mobilization, developing literacy in parents, making effective parenting a common practice, and making individuals from communities employable by building employability skills.
What he will build: I dream to build a learning space that is inspirational, aspirational and equitable in all aspects of its existence. Our team would strive to make our learning centre a space for every child to build the ability to self-learn, analyze and problem solve. As our current century is the digital era of mankind, information is available everywhere. The game changer is not being able to pass exams or retain information alone, the secret sauce of reaching one's fullest potential is the ability to be targeted and disciplined enough to be able reach one's goal. In the next two years, I would want to build a space which is tightly aligned to the vision and loosely coupled in terms of working. I am a believer in an agile way of working that is outcome focused. In the next two year, if we can create 15-20 extraordinary examples of what our children can achieve if given the opportunity, it will be an amazing example and inspiration for others to follow. I have a strong belief that any sustainable change will come only if people from the community build capacity. Training young adults to be able to deliver what we envision would be a dream come true.

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