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Preksha Singh

Jaipur, Rajasthan

Preksha is co-creating a democratic learning space at Dhun Life in suburban Jaipur that facilitates self-directed learning and is rooted in self, ecology, and collective responsibility. She is an interdisciplinary educator and researcher. She has worked with public and private schools in India and on several research projects on Socio-Emotional Learning (SEL) and inclusion in education.
She also believes in the transformative power of travel in the learning process and is a founding member of Travellers University.
What she will build: I dream to build a democratic learning space for learners to explore self and collective existence and to discover their role in the regeneration of the planet and society. It will function beyond the limits of age, curriculum, and setting and helps develop the ability to dream, innovate and create with confidence and compassion. The space is Inclusive of varied socio-economic backgrounds and learning needs and provides means and opportunities to learn anytime and anywhere. In this space, the facilitators are researchers and co-constructors of knowledge. They use an emergent curriculum development approach and everyday experiences to make learning meaningful. They design structures and processes to create opportunities for learners to exercise autonomy, develop agency and achieve mastery over chosen areas. Through travel, real-world explorations, and projects, both facilitators and learners will collaborate with the surrounding community, artists, and practitioners around the world. This will help build a systemic understanding of local and global problems and to find creative solutions to everyday problems.

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