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Chahat Sanghvi

Head of Government Affairs, Institutional Partnerships, and Operations

A social impact and public policy professional, Chahat has held several positions in government, working on issues such as economic development, educational inequality, service delivery, and disaster management.
Chahat was a fellow of the Haryana Chief Minister, where he advanced the good governance agenda while working on education, women's security, skills and employment, urban planning, and the COVID -19 pandemic. He was part of the COVID -19 Task Force and worked locally to keep residents safe.
During the COVID -19 pandemic, Chahat served as a special advisor to the deputy commissioner of Gurugram to oversee media strategy during the first wave of the pandemic. His work focused primarily on grievance redress, public relations, and reducing information asymmetries among residents.
Chahat was special advisor to the commissioner of Gurugram, where he worked on special projects, strategic initiatives, and priority areas for the government.

Prior to government, Chahat worked in the analytics and consulting industry at Northern Trust Bank and HnC Consulting.
Chahat holds a master's degree in economics from Christ University Bangalore and a bachelor's degree in economics from Calcutta University.

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