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Nivi Siddharthan

Manager of Implementation and Operations

Nivi spent 3 years designing and leading long-term teacher training programs at Education for All, a non-profit that works with under-resourced schools and learning centers in rural India. During her time at Education for All, she worked with over 100 teachers and 2000 students to improve learning outcomes and help classrooms move away from rote learning. Prior to that, she taught science, art and art history at a Homeschool Co-op in Noida for 2 years. As a teacher, Nivi had the opportunity to experiment with several non-traditional approaches to learning and is passionate about ensuring that education in India becomes more child-centric. In 2019, Nivi co-founded Project Kalpana, a community led project to improve human rights for migrant workers in Noida. Project Kalpana runs literacy programs and assists families to better access healthcare, adequate nutrition, water and other basic necessities.

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