Reinvent schools.
Reinvent India.

We’re building a network of schools, after-school centers, and teachers, to revolutionize learning.

Circle Labs: Starter Program on Reinventing Schools and school redesign
Reiventng Schools: The Starter Progam

The Starter Program &

Learn the fundamentals of designing a school from inspiring practitioners who have done it themselves. 


Starter programs, workshops, and experiments are collectively designed to help you learn about school design, reinvention, and creation. You will hear from experts across a variety of institutions; you will collaborate and creatively dream up bold solutions on how to design dream schools that revolutionize how we think about learning.

Reinventing Schools:

The Circle Labs

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The Circle Incubation: Two year program for social and education entrepreneurs


A two-year fully paid program for entrepreneurs with the commitment and courage to redesign and launch innovative learning experiences for India’s children.

Through intensive support and a peer community, the incubation will equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to :

i. Design an innovative school or learning center
ii. Start and successfully launch a school or learning center
iii. Run and sustain a high-performing school or learning center

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