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India’s social fabric is mired in
perpetual poverty

800 million
are considered poor

India’s social fabric is mired in
perpetual poverty

75 million
were forced into poverty

post COVID-19

India’s social fabric is mired in
perpetual poverty

73 Million
are in extreme poverty

A lot’s happened since India’s independence.
The world has changed.

The workforce has changed.

India has changed. 

Our educational system, though, hasn’t.

Our children, who will inherit this rapidly evolving future, will pay the price.

Incubation &

Circle Labs

Circle U

A network of reinvented
schools and after-school
programs, fuelled by an
incubation & community of
support, rooted in common
principles & outcomes

A robust talent acquisition
and readiness program that
infuses the wider ecosystem
with highly effective educators

A platform of programming  –
workshops, innovation
investments, improvement
consultancies, and sustained
courses – to inspire and build
capacity on the journey of
reinventing schools

We envision an India that is

free of poverty and filled with love

Looking Ahead

We're doubling the size of the Incubation Cohort.

We’re launching pilots of our first set of programs -
schools and after-school programs - serving students.


We're deepening and differentiating our support with schools.


We're doubling our work with Labs.


We're launching two new programs: the rotational and the rebuilder.


We're building a more robust monitoring and evaluation system.


We are finalizing our Circle U program design, to be announced soon.

Our Supporters

The Circle, a Section 8 non-profit,
is supported by a nine-member advisory council:

Adit Rathi,
Managing Director and

Trustee of Polybond

The organization is simultaneously supported
by multiple programmatic and strategic advisors:

Our Partners

Anu Aga,
Former Chairperson of Thermax

Shaheen Mistri,
CEO of Teach For India

Jeff Wetzler,
CEO of Transcend Education

Meher Pudumje,
Chairperson of Thermax

Ramesh Srinivasan,
Senior Partner at McKinsey and Co. 

Nandita Dugar,
Former Consultant at Boston Consulting Group

Soumya Jain,
CEO of i-Teach Schools

Vikram Bhalla,
Senior Partner and Director at Boston Consulting Group

Mark Murphy,
CEO of Grip Tape and Former Secretary of Education Delaware

Richard Barth,
CEO of the Robertson Foundation and Former President of KIPP Foundation

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