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An Academy of Opportunities - The Avasara Academy

Avasara Academy is a first-of-its-kind secondary school and leadership academy that aims to cultivate India's next generation of women leaders. Avasara Academy's world-class ed tech enabled classrooms, rigorous college preparatory-curriculum, combined with a culture of mentorship and lifelong support will help its students make substantial academic gains and enable them to lead and succeed beyond their high school and college years.

“I was in a Government school and a TFI classroom in Pune, until class 6th. My TFI bhaiyya was the first one to mention Avasara to me, but I took it lightly only to see my friends apply for Avasara and get through. It was then that I inquired seriously about Avasara, studied for the exam and made it through. And, I’ve never looked back since”, shares Payal, who currently is in her 11th grade at Avasara Academy.

Progressive learning centres employ 'problem solving based learning' which constantly pushes students beyond their comfort zones. They are made to struggle in a positive and constructive manner from when they are very young. This not only helps them find solutions to their problems, but they also imbibe values of collaboration, communication and coexistence. They are encouraged to experiment and to fail, and to eventually learn. "What stands out about Avasara is their curriculum and approach. There are things in Avasara that nobody else does, like we have a subject here called ‘Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Indian Studies, which just strengthens our understanding of the economy of the country and how we can navigate it better for a better future, Payal adds.

Avasara Academy provides an opportunity that no other school in India offers:

  • A diverse student body from a wide range of income levels, religions and social backgrounds;

  • Along with their LEI curriculum, STEM-focused academics to prepare students for 21st-century leadership; and

  • World-class faculty with the dedication, experience, and resources that students deserve.

More importantly, the culture at Avasara is that of communicating respectfully and openly, with a problem-solving and growth mindset that trickles down to every child’s behaviour. “A regular practice we have at Avasara is our advisory board where for every ten students, we have one advisor, who is a teacher. This advisor hears out the concerns and conflicts of the students and tries their best to resolve them. Also, the ten students in each group come from and represent different classrooms.”, Payal shared. Avasara's partners include some of the world’s leading academic institutions, such as Yale University, which will provide developmental resources and unique learning opportunities.

Avasara Academy is rooted in holistic learning: while its residential campus is being built, it will use an extended school day to maximise time with its students. Ultimately, Avasara Academy's boarding school model will provide a rich environment for continuous learning and growth, both academic and personal.

“The biggest highlight of my journey at Avasara so far has been me really getting to know myself. I’ve realised this more over the past two years because I am now able to make more informed choices about myself because I’m more aware of my strengths and weaknesses. That makes all the difference because I know what I can excel at and what I need to work harder towards.”, Payal shared with a big smile.

At the core of Avasara is really to provide an ‘Avsar’, an opportunity to children to become sensible and mindful individuals, changemakers and leaders. At the core of Avasara is empathy and coexistence. At the core of Avsara is a belief that when children are given the correct learning with a kinder approach, timely opportunities with warmth and support, they can conquer the world.

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