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Founder's Note: Applications for The Circle's Incubation are NOW OPEN

Updated: May 26, 2023

Applications are now closed for the cohort of 2023-2025

Download this PDF to help you through the application

Application Support The Circle Incubation
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We first launched The Circle, a little less than a year ago, with the intention to reinvent this thing we call school.

We’ve stayed rooted in a fundamental core belief: our schools today are preparing children for an India that once existed more than sixty years ago. India has since changed – dramatically so. Our schools, simply put, have not.

We have, in these twelve months, launched the first cohort of our flagship Incubation. We’ve begun a two-year journey with eleven incredible entrepreneurs who are launching and building their very own innovative schools and after-school programs – all serving children from low-income communities - across the country.

They’re building a democratically run school outside of Jaipur. A nature-based gap-year program pan India. The first high-quality, affordable school in Kanpur. A STEAM school in Delhi. A student-led theater production in Goa. A community-run after-school program in Pune. A first-of-a-kind, fully inclusive school in Bangalore. And many more.

These entrepreneurs are working with coaches and facilitators from across the world – experts who have done this work before them. They’re visiting schools across India and the world. They’re leveraging the most innovative design resources and tools. And they’re intensively piloting and refining – so that they get it right.

Why so much? Well, because building a new kind of school needs a new kind of you.

We’re now opening applications for our second cohort of The Circle Incubation. If you want to go down this journey – one that I promise will be both exhilarating and disorienting – we want to help. If you want to build that new kind of school, we want to help.

Start your application here

If you want to learn more, check out the application support document below, or reach out to us at or at my email address below to talk!

Application Support The Circle Incubation
Download PDF • 404KB


Founder & CEO, The Circle India

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