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The Riverside School, Ahmedabad

Empowering children with the I CAN Mindset

Since 2001, Riverside has designed, implemented and shared a unique user-centered curriculum that is providing schools with an alternative model which focuses on quality of learning and student well being.

Riverside instills an “I Can Mindset” where young people learn to believe they can do anything – and Riverside gives them the space to do it. Learners lead their own projects using design thinking. They also lead aspects of the school day such as Morning meetings, shaping the curriculum – they even helped design the building and their uniforms. You can see how Riverside enables students to work towards total self-direction over their time at the school.

Students learn concepts like empathy and gratitude through experiential learning. Students learn citizenship by turning those emotions into actions that change the world. This video offers an example of how Riverside engages learners in experiences that enable them to become change agents.

Riverside believes all students (and families) have the right to be educated and works hard to remove barriers for everyone in the community. They perpetuate inclusion socially, academically, emotionally, and through a variety of avenues to keep families, the community, and young people engaged.

Visit Riverside at:

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