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The Circle Spotlight: February 2024

This blog post sheds light on recent accomplishments, activities, and inspiring stories from The Circle.

Our second Incubation cohort went on a ten day global school visit to understand how reinvention in education is happening across the UK and Finland by deep diving into innovative schools, meeting system leaders and exploring how time and space is being designed for children.

What has The Circle Labs been up to?

We've had a number of workshops and forums over the past few months. We've deeply explored AI in education with the help of Yusuf Ahmad and Dr. Nick Jackson, and will continue to do so over the coming weeks with Ed3 DAO. Our Innovation Funding Grant winners have begun to build their projects over the past few weeks and The Circle Labs continue to work with them through regular learning hours.

Success Stories from The Circle Incubation

Kriti Sood, an entrepreneur from the 2022 cohort and the founder of LAND, exhibited her work at the India Art Fair in New Delhi. She hosted her flagship workshop, "Thinker's Garden," which attracted educators from all corners of the country.

Akash Yadav, a 2022 cohort entrepreneur, revamped a small space into a welcoming haven for kids. With a comprehensive curriculum in place, he caters to 60 children, supported by a team of five teachers.

Midhun Noble, a 2022 cohort entrepreneur, celebrated the launch of SPOT, a personalised learning studio - a microschool - for young teenagers across Bangalore.

The second cohort of The Circle Incubation raised 11.5 lacs in microgrants in December 2023 through a panel consisting of Abhijat Bedekar, Amita Chauhan, Mallika Singh, Nandita Dugar, VT Bharadwaj, Bhavin Kothari, Hoshang Irani, Moomal Mehta, Hemang Gandhi, Vatsal Saraf and JC Chatterjee.

Feed Your Curiosity

Looking to dive deeper into what it means to reinvent education? Take a look at these recommendations from The Circle team!

A school that's been an inspiration for The Circle from the start, there is so much to learn from the folks at Riverside.

Written by the brilliant Kiran Bir Sethi, Riverside's founder, the book shares some amazing insights, tools, methods, and practices that went into building the school. We highly recommend this if you're on the lookout for a book that dives into real life case studies and experiences around what it takes to look at education through a different lens.

For more on Riverside, check out one of our earlier blogs about the school, here.

Don't forget to check out Sandeep's most recent TED Talk on reinventing India's schools!

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