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The Circle Spotlight: November 2023

This blog post sheds light on recent accomplishments, activities, and inspiring stories from The Circle.

The Circle Incubation welcomed its 2023 Cohort from various corners of India, including Punjab, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Uttarakhand, Gujarat, and Maharashtra. The diversity within this year's cohort promises a rich blend of perspectives and ideas, setting the stage for a dynamic journey over the next two years. The journey began with an immersive 8-day induction module in Pune.

The 2023 Incubation Cohort during their induction at Pune

What has The Circle Labs been up to?

We've been busy! With 6 online forums featuring experts in the field from across India and the globe and 2 in-person redesign workshops spread across two cities (with one in Pune and Mumbai coming soon!) The Circle Labs has remained true to to it's spirit of being a space for educators to tinker, experiment, and challenge.

Success Stories from The Circle Incubation

Akash Yadav: EIR Cohort 2022, launched "Sky High" in Kanpur Dehat, catering to 10 children with a vision for growth

Shoeb Sayed: EIR Cohort 2022, established a model center in Ganesh Peth, Pune, reaching out to 154 underserved children

The Circle Entrepreneurs-in-Residence Cohort 2022 secured an impressive INR 30 lacs worth of micro grants, an affirmation of their dedication and hard work. The panel comprising Rati Forbes, Sanjiv Mehta, Hiten Shah, Sejal Mody, and Chetan Mehra, recognized their exceptional commitment to the children of India.

Feed Your Curiosity

Looking to dive deeper into what it means to reinvent education? Take a look at these recommendations from The Circle team!

A team favourite, this is Associate Professor of Education and Enterprise Philip an absolute must read! Recognising Cummins and prominent educational Thought Leader Adriano that education of today is heavily Di Prato, explore the series theme 'The Transformation of constrained by the past, the authors Permission'. Celebrating pioneers building schools of tomorrow,

provide a deep look into what their podcasts offer a wealth of knowledge for those trying

education can be through extensive to understand the strides being made in education

study of American Public High Schools. across the globe.

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